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Dr. Mary Callahan – Cardiologist

South Shore and Cape Cod Cardiovascular Care

Welcome to Cardiologist Dr. Mary Callahan and her team of medical professionals serve the south shore, upper cape, and mid cape with the highest quality cardiovascular care available anywhere.

We offer in-office diagnosis and treatment, a wide range of interventions and surgical follow-up.

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We will treat your heart problems whether due to a weak or diseased heart muscle (cardiomyopathy) or due to coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis). In addition, we provide preventative care for those with significant risk for cardiovascular disease. As a cardiologist and nutritionist, Dr. Callahan has enjoyed great success enabling those she cares for to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We invite you to consider us for all of your heart health needs. Dr. Mary Callahan will personally answer any questions you may have regarding your health.

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